Rid of Stomach Fat Motivation Coaching Secrets

“We owe almost all our knowledge not to those who have agreed, but to those who have differed”

Charles Caleb Colton


Why is our approach different?….. For starters, the rid of stomach fat motivation coaching style is different as we are not here to sell you a bunch of supplements, or a gym membership or even a magic bullet exercise gadget like those on the late night infomercials. Yes you know those with the genetically gifted sexy models who actually have never used the gadget before the commercial. Just like the model that hawk fashion products they never use, BTW if you have some high fashion clothes send em this way 🙂

But back to the topic of helping you stay motivated to lose body fat, we are going to focus on the getting your mental game. Then your nutrition and your exercise program in a new, simpler and surprising fat loss lifestyle. You see result is one key in keeping your motivation to lose weight. But lets make no mistake about it, we are talking a new healthy active lifestyle to help you lose fat, gain healthy vitality and a rewarding funner lifestyle.

Rid of Stomach Fat motivational coaching offers men & women motivation to lose weight with a science based coaching programs to lose fat, gain healthly vitality and enjoy life more. Because the truth is it is all about your personal daily choices which become your lifestyle.

But you have to know what to do, when to do it, some accountability, some social support, some variety, some rewards,  the right attitude and expectations. Frankly many people need help with all of that.

Our rid of stomach fat motivation program includes e-books, motivational coaching by skype, weight loss coaches, fitness coaching and even intense private fat loss fitness lifestyle coaching vacations in sunny Spain. So how can we help you?…..We-d love to hear from you today!

2 thoughts on “Rid of Stomach Fat Motivation Coaching Secrets

  1. First off, it’s pretty damn fun. But it can also keep you on the slim track. Having an orgasm releases the same endorphins in your brain that eating chocolate does–without the calories. And research shows that the more weight you lose, the better your sex life gets: A Duke University study found that even a 10 percent reduction in weight (that’s 15 pounds if you weigh 150) resulted in major improvements in all areas of the participants’ sex lives, including arousal, feelings of attractiveness, and enjoyment of sexual activity (read: oodles of Os).

  2. Your reasons for wanting to lose weight can affect your adherence to your weight loss goals. Intrinsic motivation comes from inside the individual, whereas extrinsic motivation stems from outside rewards. Someone who is intrinsically motivated to workout–as opposed to a person who is exercising because her significant other or doctor says she should–is more likely to stick with her workout routine for at least six months, according to “Women’s Health” magazine.

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