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  1. Good Morning!I write to you as outreach conroidator for the documentary American Meat. The film is a pro-farmer, solutions-oriented analysis of agriculture and meat production in America. The purpose of this documentary (directed by Graham Meriwether) is to inspire young people to become interested in sustainable and humane methods of farming, like those of eco-star Joel Salatin. Currently, we are working on organizing screening series in various states across the nation. The screening events (which include a discussion panel and food) serve as a tool to get people to get together to watch the film and then talk about the issues presented. We have already had great success screening in schools in Iowa, and hope to do the same in Vermont in April. Would Bennington/the Sustainable Food Group be interested in having a screening of the film? If so, let’s set up a phone call, and I can send you a link to watch the advance version of the film! Do let me know! We’d love to add Bennington to our Vermont series.Best,Kirsten

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